Rooted cuttings

Youngplants are generally supplied in trays (see photo). The youngplants are well suitable for growers who use them for a pot/container or open field. As it is young material, it will grow quickly into a deliverable plant. Sometimes saleable within 6 weeks.



Our assortment plants in tray's consists of:

  • Youngplants perennials and waterplants
  • Youngplants ferns
  • Tissueculture youngplants perennials
  • Youngplants from seed


Youngplants perennials and waterplants

This group of plants consists over more than 1000 different species. All cuttings are made from especially selected motherplants. This method of multiplying will ensure uniformity in growth, colour, etc. among the youngplants, thus producing an even batch for growing in your pots or containers. This proces is rather time consuming and makes the material a little more expensive than, for instance, youngplants from seed.They are, however, cheaper than tissueculture plants.


Youngplants Ferns

Youngplants Ferns

Multiplying ferns takes place through spores. This spores are grown in special boxes. After the spores have germinated, replanting takes place so that there is more space for the ferns to grow on. A second replanting follows a little later. After this second replanting we put the ferns into trays for delivery. Youngplants ferns will not be delivered hardered of.

Tissueculture youngplants perennials

Tissueculture youngplants

This is a time consuming operation and therefore an expensive method of multiplying. We use this method with species that are difficult to propagate in any other way. The tissueculture plants are multiplied in special laboratories. After the small plants have been produced in the laboratory, the are put into trays.

Youngplants from seed

Generally, this is the cheapest way of multiplying. The seeds are sown directly into the trays by machines. Depending on the species, plants grow within a short period of time into deliverable plants. Unlike rooted cuttings or tissueculture plants, some variations can arise within plants of the same species. Youngplants from seed will not be delivered hardered of.

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