Tissue culture


We can give you the opportunity to order tissue culture plants in plugs in a large assortment. 

The production for this assortment is special and therefore we need your order before 1st November 2018.
Delivery from this plants is possible from the end of May 2019.

Please note this is a special offer, prices we can give you on request.
We hope to be at your service with this offer,

 Acanthus Whitewater ®

Achillea Anthea

Achillea Little Moonshine ®

Achillea New Vintage Red ®

Achillea New Vintage Rose ®

Achillea New Vintage Violet ®

Achillea New Vintage White ®

Achillea Saucy Seduction ®

Achillea Sunny Seduction ®

Achillea Tutti Frutti Apricot Delight ®

Achillea Tutti Frutti Pink Grapefruit ®

Achillea Tutti Frutti Pomegranate ®

Achillea Tutti Frutti Wonderful Wampee ®

Aconitum Purple Sparrow

Actaea Black Negligee

Actaea Brunette

Actaea Chocoholic ®

Actaea Misty Blue ®

Actaea Pink Spike

Actinidia Atlas

Actinidia Boskoop

Actinidia Geneva

Actinidia Hayward

Actinidia Issai

Actinidia Jenny

Actinidia Solissimo ®

Agapanthus Arctic Star  ™

Agapanthus Black Magic

Agapanthus Black Pantha ®

Agapanthus Blitz Prestige ®

Agapanthus Brilliant Blue ®

Agapanthus Charlotte ®

Agapanthus Double Diamond ®

Agapanthus Northern Star ®

Agapanthus Peter Pan

Agapanthus Pitchoune Blue ®

Agapanthus Pretty Heidy ®

Agapanthus Pretty Sandy ®

Agapanthus Sofie ®

Agapanthus Tornado

Agapanthus Twister ®

Agastache Morello ®

Agastache Velvet Crush ®

Allium Millenium

Alstroemeria Little Miss Christina ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Davina ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Miranda ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Natalie ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Roselind ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Sophie ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Tara ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Vanessa ®

Alstroemeria Little Miss Zöe ®

Andropogon J.S. Purple Konza ®

Anemone Andrea Atkinson

Anemone Annerose

Anemone Carmen ®

Anemone Coupe d'Argent

Anemone Dainty Swan ®

Anemone Dreaming Swan ®

Anemone Elfin Swan ®

Anemone Fantasy Belle ®

Anemone Fantasy Cinderella ®

Anemone Fantasy Jasmine ®

Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas ®

Anemone Fantasy Red Riding Hood ®

Anemone Giselle ®

Anemone Hadspen Abundance

Anemone Honorine Jobert

Anemone Koningin Charlotte

Anemone Lorelei

Anemone Margarete

Anemone Pink Saucer

Anemone Praecox

Anemone Prinz Heinrich

Anemone Rosenschale

Anemone Ruffled Swan ®

Anemone Serenade

Anemone Snow Angel ®

Anemone Splendens

Anemone Whirlwind

Anemone Wild Swan ®

Anigozanthos Cape Amazon ®

Anigozanthos Cape Aurora ®

Anigozanthos Cape Gray Moss ®

Anigozanthos Cape Magenta ®

Anigozanthos Cape Red Lead ®

Aralia Sun King ™

Aruncus d. Kneiffii

Aruncus Misty Lace

Arundo donax Ely

Asarum Giant

Asarum Koton

Asarum Ling Ling

Asarum splendens

Asarum Takasago Saishin

Astelia Silver Shadow ®

Astelia Westland

Astilbe Chocolate Shogun ®

Astilbe Color Flash Lime

Astilbe Delft Lace

Astilbe Little Vision in Pink ®

Astilbe Little Vision in Purple ®

Astilbe Lollypop ®

Astilbe Vision in Pink ®

Astilbe Vision in Red ®

Astrantia Abbey Road ®

Astrantia Berendien Stam

Astrantia Buckland

Astrantia Bullseye ®

Astrantia Capri ®

Astrantia Claret

Astrantia Florence ®

Astrantia Gill Richardson

Astrantia Madeleine

Astrantia Moulin Rouge ®

Astrantia Roma ®

Astrantia Snow Star ®

Astrantia Star of Beauty ®

Astrantia Star of Billion ®

Astrantia Star of Love ®

Astrantia Star of Passion ®

Astrantia Star of Treasure ®

Astrantia Venice ®

Astrantia Washfield

Athyrium Dre's Dagger ®

Baptisia Chocolate Chip

Baptisia Decadence Blueberry Sunday ®

Baptisia Decadence Dutch Chocolate ®

Baptisia Decadence Lemon Meringue ®

Baptisia Decadence Vanilla Cream ®

Bergenia Abendglut

Bergenia Baby Doll

Bergenia Bach

Bergenia Bressingham Ruby ®

Bergenia Bressingham Salmon

Bergenia Bressingham White

Bergenia Dragonfly Angel Kiss  ™

Bergenia Eden's Dark Margin

Bergenia Eden's Magic Giant

Bergenia Eroica

Bergenia Flirt ®

Bergenia Flirt®

Bergenia Herbstblüte

Bergenia Morgenröte

Bergenia Nebellicht

Bergenia Pink Dragonfly

Bergenia Rosi Klose

Bergenia Silberlicht

Bergenia Spring Fling ®

Bergenia Winterglow

Bergenia Wintermärchen

Brunnera m. Alexander's Great ®

Brunnera m. Betty Bowring

Brunnera m. Emerald Mist ®

Brunnera m. Green Gold ®

Brunnera m. Hadspen Cream

Brunnera m. Jack Frost ®

Brunnera m. Jack of Diamonds ®

Brunnera m. King's Ransom ®

Brunnera m. Looking Glass ®

Brunnera m. Marley's White

Brunnera m. Mr. Morse ®

Brunnera m. Queen of Hearts ®

Brunnera m. Sea Heart ®

Brunnera m. Silver Heart ®

Brunnera m. Sterling Silver ®

Brunnera m. Variegata

Caladium Poison Dart Frog ®

Caladium Red-Bellied Tree Frog ®

Caladium Tie-Dyed Tree Frog ®

Campanula Bernice

Campanula Chio Blanco ®

Campanula Chio Merano ®

Campanula Chio Rosa ®

Campanula Genti Blue ®

Campanula Genti Twisterbell ®

Campanula Genti White ®

Campanula glom. Caroline

Campanula La Belle ®

Campanula La Bello ®

Campanula La Bonne Amie ®

Campanula Powder Puff®

Campanula Ringsabell Indigo Blue

Campanula Ringsabell Mulberry Rose

Campanula Royal Wave®

Campanula Samantha

Campanula Viking ®

Carex Evergold

Carex Feather Falls ®

Carex Ice Cream ®

Carex Lemon Zest®

Carex Rekohu Sunrise ®

Carex Ribbon Falls ®

Carex Spark Plug®

Carex Treasure Island'

Centaurea Amethyst Dream ®

Centaurea Amethyst in Snow ®

Centaurea Black Sprite ®

Chasmanthium River Mist ®

Chloranthus japnicus

Cirsium Atropurpureum

Cirsium Frosted Magic ®

Colocasia Black Ripple ®

Colocasia Black Sapphire Gecko ®

Colocasia Blue Hawaii ®

Colocasia Hawaiian Punch ®

Colocasia Kona Coffee ®

Colocasia Maui Gold ®

Colocasia Noble Gigante ®

Colocasia Red-Eyed Gecko ®

Colocasia White Lava ®

Coniogramme emelensis

Cordyline Chocolate Queen

Coreopsis Cosmic Eye

Coreopsis Full Moon ®

Coreopsis Mercury Rising ®

Coreopsis Red Satin ®

Coreopsis Redshift

Coreopsis Star Cluster

Cortaderia Evita ®

Cortaderia seloana Pumila

Corydalis Berry Exciting'

Corydalis Blackberry Wine

Corydalis Chocolate Stars ™

Corydalis Elata'

Corydalis Porcelain Blue ®

Crocosmia Dragonfire'

Crocosmia Twilight Fairy Crimson'

Crocosmia Twilight Fairy Gold'

Delphinium belladonna Delft Blue ®

Delphinium Highlander Blueberry Pie ®

Delphinium Highlander Bolero ®

Delphinium Highlander Cha Cha ®

Delphinium Highlander Crystal Delight ®

Delphinium Highlander Flamenco ®

Delphinium Highlander Moonlight ®

Delphinium Highlander Sweet Sensation ®

Delphinium Sherbet Lemon ®

Dianthus Monksilver Black

Dicentra Amore Pink ®

Dicentra spec. White Gold ®

Dicentra Valentine ®

Digiplexis Berry Canary ®

Digiplexis Illumination Raspberry ®

Digitalis Glory of Roundway

Digitalis Goldcrest ®

Digitalis Lucas  ™

Digitalis Spice Island

Echicanea Hot Papaya (R)

Echinacea Aloha®

Echinacea Avalanche ®

Echinacea Big kahuna®

Echinacea Butterfly Kisses ®

Echinacea Caribbean Green ®

Echinacea Chiquita®

Echinacea Cleopatra ®

Echinacea Delicious Candy ®

Echinacea Delicious Nougat ®

Echinacea Eccentric ®

Echinacea Evening Glow ®

Echinacea Fatal Attraction ®

Echinacea Ferris Wheel®

Echinacea Fragant Angel®

Echinacea Funky White  ™

Echinacea Funky Yellow  ™

Echinacea Glowing Dream®

Echinacea Green Envy ®

Echinacea Green Jewel ®

Echinacea Greenline ®

Echinacea Harvest Moon ®

Echinacea Hope®

Echinacea Hot Lava ®

Echinacea Hot Summer ®

Echinacea Irresistible ®

Echinacea Julia ®

Echinacea Kim's Knee High ®

Echinacea Kim's Mop Head ™

Echinacea Kismet Intense Orange®

Echinacea Kismet Raspberry®

Echinacea Kismet Red®

Echinacea Kismet White'

Echinacea Kismet Yellow®

Echinacea Leilani®

Echinacea Little Magnus ®

Echinacea Meringue ®

Echinacea Merlot®

Echinacea Mistral ®

Echinacea Now Cheesier®

Echinacea Orange Passion ®

Echinacea Parrot ®

Echinacea Paso Doble Fusia®

Echinacea Pica Bella

Echinacea Pink Double Delight ®

Echinacea Pink Passion ®

Echinacea Prima Cinnamon®

Echinacea Prima Ginger®

Echinacea Prima Ruby®

Echinacea Profusion ®

Echinacea Purity®

Echinacea Razzmatazz ®

Echinacea Red Knee High ®

Echinacea Ruby Giant'

Echinacea Ruby Glow

Echinacea Secret Affair®

Echinacea Secret Glow®

Echinacea Secret Passion®

Echinacea Secret Romance®

Echinacea Sensation Pink ®

Echinacea Single Red'

Echinacea Solar Flare ®

Echinacea Summer Cloud

Echinacea Summer Cocktail ®

Echinacea Sundown ®

Echinacea Sunrise ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Coral ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Magenta ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Mellow ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Orange ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Pink ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Purple ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Red ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Salmon ®

Echinacea SunSeekers White ®

Echinacea SunSeekers Yellow impr. ®

Echinacea Supreme Cantaloupe®

Echinacea Supreme Flamingo®

Echinacea Tangerine Dream ®

Echinacea Tiki Torch®

Echinacea Tomato Soup®

Echinacea Tweety ®

Echinacea Vanila Cupcake®

Echinacea Vintage Wine ®

Echinacea Virgin ®

Echinacea White Meditation ®

Echinacea Yellow Passion ®

Ensete Maurelli

Eryngium Big Blue ®

Eryngium Blue Hobbit

Eryngium Jade Frost ®

Eryngium Neptunes Gold®

Eryngium Tiny Jackpot

Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy

Eupatorium Baby Joe ®

Eupatorium Lucky Melody ®

Eupatorium Mask ®

Eupatorium Snowball ®

Farfugium Wavy Gravy ®

Ficinia Ice Crystal  ™

Gaillardia Fanfare ®

Gaillardia Fanfare Blaze ®

Gaillardia Sunset Celebration ®

Gaillardia Sunset Mexican ®

Gaillardia Sunset Popsy ®

Gaillardia Sunset Snappy ®

Gentiana acaulis

Gentiana Blue Magic ®

Gentiana Blue Star ®

Gentiana Crystal  ™ ®

Gentiana Lipstick   ™ ®

Gentiana Little Pinkie ®

Gentiana Marsha ®

Gentiana Shine Blue  ™ ®

Gentiana True Blue ™

Gentiana White Magic ®

Gentiana Zuiko Rindo

Geranium Ann Folkard

Geranium Azure Rush  ™ ®

Geranium Blushing Turtle ®

Geranium Bob's Blunder

Geranium Dragon Heart ®

Geranium Dreamland ®

Geranium Hexham Velvet ®

Geranium J.S. Matu Vu  ™

Geranium Jolly Jewel Lilac ®

Geranium Jolly Jewel Night ®

Geranium Jolly Jewel Red ®

Geranium Lilac Ice  ™ ®

Geranium Orkney Cherry ®

Geranium Patricia

Geranium Pink Penny ™

Geranium Pink Pouffe ®

Geranium prat. Black n’ White

Geranium prat. Cloud Nine ®

Geranium prat. Hocus Pocus

Geranium prat. Midnight Reiter

Geranium prat. Purple Chost ®

Geranium prat. Summer Skies ®

Geranium Rozanne ®

Geranium Sanne

Geranium Silvia's Surprise ®

Geranium Sweet Heidy ®

Geranium Tanja Rendall ®

Geum Bell Bank

Geum Citronge ®

Geum Cocktail Alabama Slammer ®

Geum Cocktail Banana Daiquiri ®

Geum Cocktail Cosmopolitan ®

Geum Cocktail Gimlet ®

Geum Cocktail Limoncello ®

Geum Cocktail Sea Breeze ®

Geum Coral Tempest ®

Geum Dark & Stormy ®

Geum Eos

Geum Fiery Tempest ®

Geum Fire Storm®

Geum Flames of Passion ®

Geum Mai Tai ®

Geum Pretticoats Peach®

Geum Prinses Juliana

Geum Rustico Orange®

Geum Scarlet Tempest ®

Geum Spanish Fly ®

Geum Sunkissed Lime ®

Geum Tempo Yellow®

Geum Totally Tangerine ®

Geum Wet Kiss ®

Gillenia Pink Profusion

Hakonechloa m. Albo-Striata'

Hakonechloa m. All Gold

Hakonechloa m. Aureola

Hakonechloa m. Beni Kaze

Hakonechloa m. Naomi ™

Hakonechloa m. Nicolas ™

Hakonechloa m. Sunflare ®

Hakonechloa macra

Helenium Double Trouble ®

Helenium Lemon Sundae ®

Helenium Mardi Gras ®

Helenium Okra Sundae ®

Helenium Peach Sundae ®

Helenium Ruby Tuesday ®

Helenium Sahin's Early Flowerer

Helenium ShortnSassy ®

Helenium Strawberry Sundae

Helianthus Double Whammy ®

Helianthus Low Down ®

Helichrysum Ember Glow ®

Helichrysum Red Jewel ®

Helichrysum Ruby Cluster ®

Helleborus Angel Glow ®

Helleborus Pink Beauty ®

Helleborus Pirouette ®

Helleborus Tutu ®

Helleborus Tutu White ®

Helleborus White Beauty ®

Helleborus Winter Moonbeam ®

Helleborus Winter Sunshine ®

Heuchera Amber Waves®

Heuchera Apple Crisp®

Heuchera Apple Twist ®

Heuchera Apricot ®

Heuchera Autumn Leaves®

Heuchera Beaujolais ®

Heuchera Bella Note®

Heuchera Berry Marmalade®

Heuchera Berry Smoothie®

Heuchera Berry Timeless ®

Heuchera Bilberry ®

Heuchera Binoche ®

Heuchera Birkin ®

Heuchera Black Beauty®

Heuchera Black Pearl ®

Heuchera Black Sea ®

Heuchera Black Taffeta®

Heuchera Blackberry ®

Heuchera Blackberry Crisp®

Heuchera Blackout ®

Heuchera Blondie ®

Heuchera Blondie in Lime®

Heuchera Boysenberry ®

Heuchera Bronze Beauty

Heuchera Brownies ™

Heuchera Cajun Fire®

Heuchera Can Can

Heuchera Cappuccino

Heuchera Caramel ®

Heuchera Carmencita ®

Heuchera Cassis ®

Heuchera Champagne®

Heuchera Chantilly

Heuchera Cherry Cola®

Heuchera Cherry Truffles ®

Heuchera Chocolate Ruffles®

Heuchera Cinnabar Silver®

Heuchera Circus ®

Heuchera Citronelle ®

Heuchera Coco ®

Heuchera Coralberry ®

Heuchera Crimson Curls ®

Heuchera Dark Magic ®

Heuchera Dark Secret ®

Heuchera Delta Dawn®

Heuchera Electra®

Heuchera Electric Lime®

Heuchera Encore ®

Heuchera Fire Alarm®

Heuchera Fire Chief®

Heuchera Flores Sea ®

Heuchera Forever Purple®

Heuchera Forever Red®

Heuchera Frost ®

Heuchera Frosted Violet ®

Heuchera Galaxy®

Heuchera Georgia Peach®

Heuchera Georgia Plum®

Heuchera Ginger Ale®

Heuchera Ginger Peach®

Heuchera Glitter®

Heuchera Gojiberry ®

Heuchera Gotham®

Heuchera Grande Amethyst®

Heuchera Grande Black®

Heuchera Grape Soda®

Heuchera Green Spice

Heuchera Guacamole ®

Heuchera Havana®

Heuchera High Hopes ®

Heuchera Hollywood®

Heuchera Huckleberry ®

Heuchera Jade Gloss ®

Heuchera Kassandra ®

Heuchera Lemon Love ®

Heuchera Lemon Supreme®

Heuchera Lime Marmalade®

Heuchera Lime Rickey®

Heuchera Lipstick®

Heuchera Magma ®

Heuchera Magnum ®

Heuchera Mahogany Monster ®

Heuchera Mahogany®

Heuchera Mango ®

Heuchera Marmalade®

Heuchera Mars

Heuchera Master Painter Picasso ®

Heuchera Master Painter Van Gogh ®

Heuchera Mega Caramel ®

Heuchera Metallic Shimmer'

Heuchera Midnight Rose®

Heuchera Midnight Ruffles®

Heuchera Milan®

Heuchera Mint Frost®

Heuchera Mint Julep®

Heuchera Miracle ®

Heuchera Mocha ®

Heuchera Mulberry ®

Heuchera Northern Exposure Amber®

Heuchera Northern Exposure Black®

Heuchera Northern Exposure Lime®

Heuchera Northern Exposure Purple®

Heuchera Northern Exposure Red®

Heuchera Northern Exposure Silver®

Heuchera Obsidian®

Heuchera Orange Dream ®

Heuchera Orangeberry ®

Heuchera Paprika®

Heuchera Paris®

Heuchera Peach Crisp®

Heuchera Peach Flambé®

Heuchera Peachberry Ice ®

Heuchera Pear Crisp®

Heuchera Peppermint ®

Heuchera Peppermint Spice®

Heuchera Pewter Moon

Heuchera Phoebe's Blush'

Heuchera Pink Panther ®

Heuchera Pink Pearls ®

Heuchera Pinot Gris®

Heuchera Pinot Noir ®

Heuchera Pistache ®

Heuchera Plum Power ®

Heuchera Plum Pudding®

Heuchera Plum Royale®

Heuchera Pretty Perinne ®

Heuchera Prince

Heuchera Purple Petticoats

Heuchera Rave On®

Heuchera Red Lightning®

Heuchera Red Pearls ®

Heuchera Red Sea ®

Heuchera Rio®

Heuchera Root Beer®

Heuchera Shanghai®

Heuchera Silver Cellebration'

Heuchera Silver Dollar ®

Heuchera Silver Gumdrop ®

Heuchera Silver Scrolls ®

Heuchera Slaters Pink'

Heuchera Sloeberry ®

Heuchera Southern Comfort®

Heuchera Sparkling Burgundy®

Heuchera Spellbound®

Heuchera Sugar Plum ®

Heuchera Sweet Tart ®

Heuchera Tangerine Wave'

Heuchera Thomas'

Heuchera Tiramisu®

Heuchera Tokyo®

Heuchera Topaz Jazz®

Heuchera Venus

Heuchera Vienna®

Heuchera Vulcano ®

Heuchera Wild Rose ®

Heuchera Wildberry ®

Heuchera XXL'

Heuchera Zipper®

Heucherella Alabama Sunrise®

Heucherella Art Deco ™

Heucherella Art Nouveau ™

Heucherella Autumn Cascade®

Heucherella Blue Ridge ®

Heucherella Brass Lantern ®

Heucherella Buttered Rum®

Heucherella Catching Fire ®

Heucherella Citrus Shock

Heucherella Copper Cascade ®

Heucherella Cracked Ice®

Heucherella Dayglow Pink®

Heucherella Eye Spy ®

Heucherella Fire Frost®

Heucherella Glacier Falls®

Heucherella Gold Cascade®

Heucherella Gold Zebra®

Heucherella Happy Hour Lime®

Heucherella Honey Rose®

Heucherella Hopscotch ®

Heucherella Mojito®

Heucherella Onyx®

Heucherella Pink Fizz ®

Heucherella Pink Revolution ®

Heucherella Pink Whisper®

Heucherella Plum Cascade®

Heucherella Quicksilver

Heucherella Red Rover ®

Heucherella Redstone Falls®

Heucherella Solar Eclipse®

Heucherella Solar Power®

Heucherella Stoplight®

Heucherella Sunrise Fall®

Heucherella Sweet Tea®

Heucherella Tapestry®

Heucherella Twilight®

Heucherella Yellowstone Falls®

Hibiscus Carousel Geant Red ®

Hibiscus Carousel Jolly Heart ®

Hibiscus Carousel Pink Candy ®

Hibiscus Carousel Pink Passion ®

Hibiscus Carousel Red Wine ®

Hibiscus Cranberry Crush ®

Hibiscus Fantasia ®

Hibiscus Fireball ®

Hibiscus Jazzberry Jam ®

Hibiscus Kopper King ®

Hibiscus mos. Griotte ®

Hibiscus Old Yella ®

Hibiscus Plum Crazy ®

Hibiscus Robert Fleming ®

Hibiscus Royal Gems ®

Hibiscus Summer Storm ®

Hosta Blue Angel

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears

Hosta Bobbie Sue

Hosta Broad Band

Hosta Christmas Candy ®

Hosta Country Mouse

Hosta Cup of Grace

Hosta El Nino ®

Hosta Elegans

Hosta Empress Wu ®

Hosta Eskimo Pie ™

Hosta Fire Island

Hosta Fireworks ™

Hosta First Frost

Hosta Flemish Sky

Hosta Forest Fire ™

Hosta Fragrant Blue

Hosta Francee

Hosta Grand Marquee

Hosta Great Expectations

Hosta Guacamole

Hosta Halcyon

Hosta Hasta Manana

Hosta Independence ®

Hosta June ®

Hosta June Fever ®

Hosta Krossa Regal

Hosta Lakeside Scamp

Hosta Liberty ®

Hosta Lime Smoothie

Hosta Little Sunspot

Hosta Loyalist ®

Hosta Minute Man

Hosta Orange Marmalade

Hosta Pandora's Box

Hosta Paradise Island ®

Hosta Patriot

Hosta Poker

Hosta Prairie Sky

Hosta Praying Hands

Hosta Purple Heart ®

Hosta Red Cadet

Hosta Remember Me ®

Hosta Reversed Patriot

Hosta Revolution ®

Hosta Sagae

Hosta Sara's Sensation

Hosta Sum & Substance

Hosta Sun Power

Hosta The King

Hosta Thunderbolt ®

Hosta Titanium

Hosta Twilight

Hosta Valley's Glacier

Hosta Victory

Hosta Wide Brim

Iberis Masterpiece ®

Iberis Pink Ice ®

Knautia Thunder and Lightning ®

Kniphofia Banana Popsicle®

Kniphofia Creamsicle®

Kniphofia Echo Mango ®

Kniphofia Echo Rojo ®

Kniphofia Ember Glow®

Kniphofia Fire Glow®

Kniphofia Green Jade

Kniphofia Ice Queen

Kniphofia Lemon Popsicle®

Kniphofia Mango Popsicle®

Kniphofia Orange Vanila Popsicle®

Kniphofia Papaya Popsicle®

Kniphofia Pineapple Popsicle®

Kniphofia Poco Orange®

Kniphofia Poco Red®

Kniphofia Poco Sunset®

Kniphofia Poco Yellow®

Kniphofia Redhot Popsicle®

Lagerstroemia Coral Filli ®

Lagerstroemia Red Filli ®

Lagerstroemia Violet Filli ®

Leontopodium Blossom of Snow ®

Leucanthemum Fiona Coghill

Leucanthemum Freak! ®

Leucanthemum Goldfinch ®

Leucanthemum King's Crown™ ®

Leucanthemum Luna ®

Leucanthemum Real Dream ®

Leucanthemum Real Galaxy ®

Leucanthemum Real Glory ®

Leucanthemum Real Neat ®

Leucanthemum Shapcott Gossamer ®

Leucanthemum Shapcott Ruffles ®

Leucanthemum Shapcott Summer Clouds ®

Leucanthemum Victorian Secret ®

Lewisia Safira ™ Coral

Lewisia Safira ™ Fuchsia

Lewisia Safira ™ Pink

Lewisia Safira ™ Violet

Lewisia Safira ™ White

Lewisia Safira ™ Yellow

Ligularia Bottle Rocket ®

Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford ®

Ligularia Little Rocket ®

Ligularia Osiris Café Noir ®

Ligularia Osiris Fantaisie ™

Ligularia Pandora ®

Linaria Dial Park

Linaria Peachy

Lychnis Gardeners World

Lychnis Lipstick

Melittis Alba ®

Melittis Royal Velvet Distinction ®

Miscanthus Brazil ®

Miscanthus Cute One ®

Miscanthus Gold Bar ®

Miscanthus Gold Breeze ®

Miscanthus Ibiza ®

Miscanthus Morning Bright ®

Miscanthus Morning Light

Miscanthus Navajo ®

Miscanthus Purple Fall

Miscanthus Yaka Dance ®

Molinia Torch ®

Monarda Dancing Bird ®

Monarda Purple Lace ®

Mukdenia Karasuba ™

Mukgenia Nova Flame'

Musa basjoo

Musa Dwarf Cavendish

Musa Grand Nain

Musella lasiocarpa

Nandina Firepower

Nepeta Cat's Pajamas ®

Nepeta gran. Summer Magic ®

Nepeta Purrsian Blue ®

Ophiopogon Niger

Ophiopogon niger Black Dragon

Panicum Cardinal ®

Panicum Hot Rod ®

Panicum J.S. Blue Darkness ®

Panicum Kurt Bluemel ®

Panicum Sangria ®

Pennisetum alop. Lady U ®

Pennisetum Princess Caroline ®

Pennisetum x advena Cherry Sparkler ®

Pennisetum x advena Fireworks ®

Pennisetum x advena Rubrum

Pennisetum x advena Sky Rocket ®

Pennisetum x advena Summer Samba  ™

Penstemon Dark Towers ®

Penstemon Goldfinger ®

Penstemon Pocahontas ®

Persicaria Alba Junior  ™

Persicaria ampl. Speciosa

Persicaria Blackfield ®

Persicaria Fat Domino ®

Persicaria Golden Arrow

Persicaria J.S. Caliente ®

Persicaria Pink Elephant ™

Phlomis tub. Amazone

Phlox Aureole ®

Phlox Blind Lion ®

Phlox Famous Cerise ®

Phlox Famous Coral ®

Phlox Famous Light Purple ®

Phlox Famous Pink ®

Phlox Famous Pink Dark Eye ®

Phlox Famous Purple Impr. ®

Phlox Famous White ®

Phlox Famous White Eye ®

Phlox Forever Pink ®

Phlox Goldmine Imp. ®

Phlox Green Lion ®

Phlox Jade ®

Phlox Rose Bouquet ®

Phlox Tiara ®

Phlox Twinkle Cerise ®

Phlox Twinkle Light Pink ®

Phlox Twinkle Pink ®

Phlox Twinkle Purple ®

Phlox Twinkle White ®

Phlox Twinkle White Lavender ®

Polemonium Bressingham Purple ®

Polemonium Brise d'Anjou ®

Polemonium Halfway to Paradise

Polemonium Heaven Scent ®

Polemonium Northern Lights

Polemonium Stairway to Heaven ®

Polemonium Touch of Class ®

Polygala Bulley's Form

Potentilla Flamboyant

Primula Belarina Amethyst Ice ®

Primula Belarina Buttercup Yellow ®

Primula Belarina Cream ®

Primula Belarina Delft Blue ®

Primula Belarina Nectarine ®

Primula Belarina Pink Champagne ®

Primula Belarina Pink Ice ®

Primula Belarina Valentine ®

Primula Dark Rosaleen

Primula Elizabeth Killelay

Primula Francesca

Primula OakLeaf Yellow Picotee ®

Primula OOH LA LA Pastel Pink  ™

Primula vulgaris Corporal Baxter

Primula vulgaris Ken Dearman

Primula vulgaris Petticoat

Primula vulgaris Sue Jervis

Primula vulgaris Sunshine Susie

Primula vulgaris Val Horncastle

Pulmonaria Blake's Silver

Pulmonaria Blue Ensign

Pulmonaria Diana Clare

Pulmonaria Leopard

Pulmonaria Majesté

Pulmonaria Opal

Pulmonaria Pink Haze

Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash ®

Pulmonaria Samurai ™

Pulmonaria Shrimps on the Barbi ®

Pulmonaria Silverado ®

Pulmonaria Sissinghurst White

Pulmonaria Trevi Fountain ®

Pulmonaria Victorian Brooch ®

Rehmannia elata

Rehmannia henryi

Rehmannia Polina S ®

Rehmannia Schneetiger ®

Rodgersia Bronze Peacock®

Rodgersia Chocolate Wings ™

Rodgersia Crug Cardinal

Rodgersia Dark Pokers ®

Rodgersia Hercules

Rodgersia La Blanche

Rodgersia pod. Braunlaub

Rubus Coronarius

Rudbeckia City Garden

Rudbeckia Early Bird Gold ®

Rudbeckia Henry Eilers

Rudbeckia Little Goldstar®

Rudbeckia Summerina Butterscotch Biscuit ®

Rudbeckia Summerina Electra Shock ®

Rudbeckia Summerina Orange ®

Rudbeckia Summerina Pecan Pie ®

Rudbeckia Summerina Pumpernickel ®

Rudbeckia Summerina Yellow ®

Salvia Black and Blue

Salvia Color Spires Azure Snow ®

Salvia Endless Love ®

Salvia Eveline ®

Salvia Fashionista Mignight Model ®

Salvia Fashionista Pretty in Pink ®

Salvia Little Kiss ®

Salvia Madeline ®

Salvia Pink Delight ®

Salvia Rhapsody in Blue ®

Saxifraga Beni Tsukasa

Saxifraga Cheap Confections

Saxifraga Gokka

Saxifraga Sugar Plum Fairy

Saxifraga Wada

Schizachyrium Blue Heaven ™

Schizachyrium Ha Ha Tonka ®

Schizachyrium Standing Ovation ®

Scrophularia Cardinale ®

Sedum Beach Party ®

Sedum Black Beauty

Sedum Chocolate Cherry ®

Sedum Chocolate Drop ®

Sedum Class Act ®

Sedum Coral Reef ®

Sedum Cutting Edge ®

Sedum Marina ®

Sedum Moonlight Serenade ®

Sedum Mr. Goodbud ®

Sedum Orange Xenox ®

Sedum Peace and Joy ®

Sedum Picolette ®

Sedum Pillow Talk ®

Sedum Rainbow Xenox ®

Sedum Rock Star ®

Sedum Sunkissed ®

Sedum Sunset Boulevard ®

Sedum Thundercloud ®

Sedum Thunderhead ®

Sedum Touchdown Teak ®

Sedum Twinkling Star ®

Sedum Xenox ®

Sedum Yellow Xenox ®

Senecio Angel Wings ®

Sidalcea Little Princess ®

Silene Frivola Rose ®

Silene Rollies Favourite ®

Silphium J.S. Maya  ™

Sporobolus J.S. Delicatesse ®

Stachys Pink Cotton Candy ®

Stachys Primrose Heron

Stachys Summer Crush ®

Stachys Summer Romance ®

Stokesia Colorwheel ®

Stokesia Divinity ®

Stokesia Elf ®

Stokesia Klaus Jelitto

Stokesia Mel's Blue ®

Stokesia Peachie's Pick

Stokesia Purple Parasol

Stokesia Silver Moon

Tanacetum Garden Treasure

Thalictrum Anne ®

Thalictrum aquil. Nimbus Pink ®

Thalictrum aquil. Nimbus White ®

Thalictrum Black Stockings'

Thalictrum Elin

Thalictrum Hewitt's Double

Thalictrum Hinckley

Thalictrum kiusianum

Thalictrum Little Pinkie  ™

Thalictrum Perfume Star ™

Thalictrum Purplelicious

Thalictrum Splendide ™

Thalictrum Splendide White ®

Thalictrum White Clouds ®

Tiarella Appalachian Trail®

Tiarella Emerald Ellie'

Tiarella Happy Trails'

Tiarella Heronswood Mist

Tiarella Iron Butterflies ®

Tiarella Pink Bouquet

Tiarella Pink Skyrocket®

Tiarella Spring Symphony ®

Tiarella Sugar & Spice ®

Tiarella Sylvan Lace ®

Tiarella Tiger Stripe

Tiarella Timbuktu ™

Titanotrichum oldhamii

Tradescantia Sweet Kate

Tricyrtis Empress'

Trollius Cheddar

Uncinia Everflame ®

Verbascum Chantilly ®

Verbascum Clementine

Verbascum Dark Eyes

Verbascum Jackie

Verbascum Jackie in Pink ™

Verbascum Jackie in Spots ®

Verbascum Jackie in Yellow ®

Verbascum Plum Smokey ®

Verbascum Violet Hill ®

Veronica Pink Eveline ®

Veronicastrum Adoration

Veronicastrum Challenger ®

Veronicastrum Cupid

Yucca Bright Edge

Yucca Color Guard

Yucca filamentosa

Yucca Gold Heart

Yucca Ivory Towers